Buying a house is one of the largest financial decisions anyone may ever make in their lifetime. This site was put together to help you understand the home buying process and give a trusted resource  so you can arm yourself with the knowledge necessary to allow you to make the best decision for you and your family.

 The very first thing to do to buy house is educate yourself how it all works
Perhaps Bill and Janet’s story can help you better understand how to buy a house in Salt Lake area the RIGHT WAY!  This is a real case study of some past clients and will help you educate EVERYTHING you need to know before you begin your house search!



Meet Bill and Janet.  Bill and Janet recently bought a home in the Salt Lake area. When they first started thinking about home ownership they had no idea what they were getting into.  Bill had many financial questions and was concerned with the costs of home ownership.  Janet was more concerned about the size of the kitchen and the closet space.

They went into the home buying process blindly and were very surprised at all that went into it.  They originally thought they could shop online and find the perfect home. After a few weeks they realized buying a home was no walk in the park and reached out to Shane & Cathi for more help.

Before you go out shopping for a home online you should sit down and speak to a Professional Real Estate Agent.

  If you want to buy a house the right way for a good price a real estate agent will help you do that.

 Best of all is that their service is FREE!  The key is hiring the RIGHT real estate agent that knows exactly what they are doing.


Establish A Purchase Price You Can Live With


Buying a house is not something you make a quick decision on.

 You NEED to be armed with the proper information from start to finish so that YOU CAN MAKE a well informed decision.

  The very first place to start is understanding the entire home buying process.  

Bill and Janet were about to thank Shane for educating them on the home buying process.    They were so surprised at the amount of knowledge they received from a simple 30-45 minute meeting they forgot what they were there to do in the first place.  They went there originally to explain exactly what they were looking for in a new house!

Shane  walked them through the buyer’s triangle using  the “Where should you live” tool. Bill and Janet were able to create a wants vs. needs list to help them see what is most important to them.  After thinking things through, they realized that they would not realistically get everything they wanted.  They were able to list out the things they can live with and without. They were again surprised at what they learned about their home buying search

Shane had a good idea of what Bill and Janet were looking for and was able to point out some properties that matched their criteria.

 The final topic of the meeting left to discuss were the typical buyer closing costs & timelines  involved in purchasing a new home.  Bill and Janet were shown in detail the closing costs involved in purchasing a house in Chicago.  Bill and Janet took note of what to expect and added those costs to their list.

“When you buy a house you will have more than just your down payment.  There will be some closing costs involved.

Knowing exactly what these closing costs are upfront will help you budget better for them so you can avoid any surprises as you get close to closing on your new home,

 also Shane may be able to
Negotiate with the Seller to Pay those costs as well.”

In a short 45 minutes the meeting was wrapped up. Bill and Janet had a very clear idea of how to buy  house.  When they left the meeting Bill looked at Janet and said, “I know honey…You told me so… We will use a real estate agent and it’s a much better decision”.

That week they began looking at properties that matched their criteria and within a couple weeks they found something they fell in love with.  It didn’t have 100% of what they were looking for, but by using the buyer’s triangle they felt very comfortable in their decision.   They put in an offer and Shane put the chokehold on the seller’s agent and got them the deal they wanted.  Their offer was accepted and they closed on their new home 39 days later.




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