Proven System for Getting More Listings and Making Your Sellers Thousands More

We have a complete system that will have your sellers paying full commissions without the need for YOU to ask for them!

This HOME CERTIFICATION SYSTEM Is Exactly What You Need To Make The Biggest & Fastest Impact On Your Business NOW!

And the Best Part … We Include everything you need to set it up!

If you are like us and tired of cutting your prices and your services in order to compete with discount brokerages and low-fee agents, we have a system that will:

  • give your sellers superior customer service
  • make your clients thousands more
  • make YOU more money without the need to ask for it
  • systematize your pre-listing services
  • help you stand out in the industry and beat your competition
  • become more referrable and get more deals

No catches. No gimmicks.

We have a beautifully crafted system for marketing your listings that is like nothing you have ever seen or used. We hope you will jump on this opportunity and limited time low-priced offer.

We went to our most recent listing consultation in a community we didn’t know well and where we have direct competition. After explaining our Home Certification system and what we do to help our sellers prepare their home for sale and make more money, they decided to choose us because they liked what we had to offer. The competition was left behind!

Shane and Cathy H.

Brokerage Owners, 20+ Years in Real Estate

I love using the Home Certification system for my listings. The step-by-step instructions are perfect for me because I am so new to the business. It guides me through the listing process and ensures I remember every step and do everything I need to do to help my clients get ready to sell. And the best part is that the homes look great AND sell for more than the comps.

April S.

New Real Estate Agent, 2 Years in Real Estate

We LOVE the Home Certification system and use it with every one of our listings. We set it all up for our sellers. They sign the listing paperwork and never even ask what our services cost. They can tell that we are worth our commission. The certification process provides excellent service AND it is easy to implement… and makes us look like rockstars!

Donna & Nancy

@SistersInRealEstate, 20+ Years in Real Estate


It helps sellers prepare and then CERTIFY their homes for sale by providing top-quality services such as:

  Pre-Inspection Report

  Organization and Cleaning

  Staging Consultation

  Radon Testing

 Listing Home Warranty

  Professional Photos and Virtual Tours

And if you are thinking … “I do most of this already…” then you haven’t seen our complete strategy for set up, implementation, organization, communication, and CERTIFICATION.

What You Will Receive When You Decide to Implement Your Own Home Certification System for Sellers

STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE ($250 value)

We provide a complete step-by-step guide to build and customize your own system. This guide explains the templates provided and how to set them up. It also includes how-to’s for building your home certification TEAM.


In order to ensure a fully commissioned contract with your home sellers, you will have them sign the listing paperwork BEFORE you start the home certification process. The listing addendum (if allowed in your region) has specific wording to allow additional time to certify before the listing goes LIVE on the MLS.


The Home Certification brochure is your ticket to more home sales and more MONEY. Simply add your contact information to the back, print, and distribute to anyone interested in listing their home. The brochure explains exactly what, how, and why you will be certifying a home so sellers know just what they are getting from YOU.

CERTIFICATE ($25 value)

Once the home is certified, add the address to a copy of the certificate, frame, and display in the home with flyers, property binder, and any other marketing items you utilize.


So much is happening behind the scenes when a home is certified and listed for sale. These emails are sent once a day for the week prior to listing to keep your sellers informed about the process and to let them know all that you are doing to help them sell their property for MORE money.

ITEMS OF VALUE ($100 value)

For additional tips, guides, and information that can help the seller, these flyers are provided with the emails:

– 101 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Sale
– Great Tips for Showing Your Home
– Best and Worst Last Minute Hiding Places

Sellers LOVE information that can help them be better prepared before listing, and during the showing process. Everything your provide will make their lives easier and they will thank you for it!

This exclusive deal for the Home Certification Program would normally cost over $300. But because we want to show you how dedicated we are to helping you compete in this crazy real estate market, and because we want to elevate our industry by improving our systems and services, you can purchase this incredible system for:


Limited Time Offer


If you would like to know more about what we offer at Be a Better Agent – training, tools, tips, and more, please send us a quick email.  We have so many valuable products that can help you build your real estate business and secure your place as one of the leading industry experts in your community.

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