When a Utah real estate transaction occurs, buyers typically take the initiative to get a home inspection done on the property. But while this is common practice, it’s certainly not written in stone. Sellers can also have their Salt Lake City homes for sale professionally assessed in what is referred to as a pre-listing inspection. Apart from giving sellers a detailed analysis of the condition of their property, it also helps bolster their position at the negotiating table.

However this practice, unlike a buyer’s request for a home inspection, is not very common at all. And this can be attributed to the fact that most sellers aren’t even aware of the benefits this process comes with. If you’re interested in putting your Utah real estate on the red-hot market, keep reading to learn more about pre-listing inspections and whether or not you’d like to implement one.

Which Areas of the Home Are Inspected?

During a pre-listing inspection, a certified professional will assess various areas of your home to ensure important areas are functioning up to code. This includes your home’s heating and cooling system, plumbing, and electrical. Structural areas will also be evaluated and this includes the roof, doors and windows, and siding.

How Much Does a Pre-Listing Inspection Cost?

The price of a buyer’s and seller’s inspection are normally the same and can range anywhere from $350 to $500. Always make sure that the home inspector is qualified and has Errors & Omissions Insurance. The price range varies because not all homes are created equal. Some require more attention due to their age, location, square footage, and the landscape it’s built on.

Why Should Sellers Consider a Pre-Listing Inspection?

As stated earlier, a pre-listing inspection gives sellers a heads-up of any issues their home might have. The last thing you want is to be caught off guard at the negotiating table only to receive a lower offer, or perhaps, no offer at all. An inspection from the seller’s side gives them an accurate idea of how to market and price their home, and ultimately enjoy a smoother sales process.

What To Do if a Major Issue Is Uncovered

If your pre-listing inspection results in the discovery of a major problem in the home, let all parties know as soon as possible. This is the best way to assess the situation and decide how to move forward. You and the buyer can negotiate whether you’ll handle the required repairs, or if the buyer will take it and negotiate the selling price.

Pre-listing inspections come with a host of benefits and virtually no downside, but buyers may choose to have an inspection done regardless of whether the seller has as well. As long as all inspectors are qualified and carry E&O insurance, the transaction should help keep all important information about the home on the table, and provide for a smooth transaction. If you’re ready to put your Utah real estate up for sale, contact Abundance Realty & Staging Company today for a free consultation and home evaluation!