When we asked buyers what stressed them out the most they told us it was getting the offer accepted AND the costs associated with their mortgage.

That inspired our exclusive certification process, designed to save thousands more  AND make you a more qualified buyer so it’s easier to get your offer accepted.


When you’re buying a new home or investment we know you want the best price on your favorite property, but it’s all too easy to worry that you’re offer won’t be accepted or you’ll pay too much. With the right guide and a proven process you can eliminate the stress.

At Abundance Realty & Staging Company, we understand just how important this is to you and we’re 100% committed to helping you get the best dealwhich is why we’ve developed our proven Abundance Certified Buying process.

Here’s how simple it is:

  • First, schedule a visit with our team.
  • Next, meet with an agent to discover how you can save THOUSANDS on your new home.
  • And, finally, let us be your guide for a smooth, enjoyable, profitable experience.

Become a MORE Qualified Buyer

With our Exclusive Buyer Certification Process …. It’s simple and will SAVE YOU THOUSANDS