When putting your home on the market, the best way to get it sold is by applying real estate home staging techniques to broaden its appeal to potential buyers. Real estate home staging encompasses an array of modifications that can range in time consumption and price. If you’re selling your Utah real estate on a budget, one of the quickest and cheapest ways to give it a makeover is by adding a fresh coat of paint.

But one quick look through a color palette and you’ll soon find out you have a lot of possibilities to choose from. Not only that, but research has shown that certain colors could have a negative or positive impact on your final sale price. So it’s probably in your best interest to know which colors get the thumbs up, and which ones don’t.

Know Which Colors Suit Which Rooms

A home should have a central theme in terms of decor and color, but at the same time, each room should have its own energy and ambiance. Keep reading to learn more about which colors best suit the rooms buyers look more closely at.


Go light and breezy when it comes to re-painting your bathroom. Pale tints tend to boost your selling price by $2700 more than the average. The idea is that the color, be it a pale gray, blue, or green, produces a calming vibe so you can relax while soaking in the tub while pampering yourself with a pedicure.

Dining Room

There doesn’t seem to be a right color when painting dining rooms but there is definitely a wrong one. Avoid painting your dining room walls brown or a muddy color with yellow undertones. Homes with dining rooms painted in these colors sold for approximately $1600 less than the average. These colors tend to limit a buyer’s ability to add different furniture and also make it harder to paint over. Lighter colors provide buyers a better opportunity to visualize what the room could be with new furniture, artwork, or other paint colors.


The kitchen is widely considered to be the most important place in the home. Statistically, it’s where we spend the most time, but it’s also seen as a place where families gather to share conversations. When it comes to the kitchen, there is one stand-out look that seems to boost sales prices better than others. Kitchens that have a tuxedo look, in that the upper and lower cabinets contrast with each other, bump the numbers up by approximately $1500. Homes, where cabinets contrast with kitchen islands, are also a hot-ticket item.

When painting your cabinets, stick with relaxing colors. Stay away from deep reds like brick or raspberry. These colors dropped average sale prices by a whopping $2300.

Living Room

Your living room should create a welcoming environment that allows you to easily unwind after a long day. Peach, salmon, and warm undertones will get the job done and boost the average sale price of a home by almost $2800.

Exterior Colors

When considering what color to paint the outside of your home, keep that bright yellow tint as far away from your paintbrush as possible. Houses with this color paint lose an average of $3408. As for your front door, consider rich black or charcoal, as these homes sold an astounding $6,271 higher than the average.

Overall, colors like tan and light blue are popular choices with homeowners, but there’s a growing trend of darker shades of blue and gray finding its way into many homes for sale. And while some sellers insist on painting their home white to give a “black canvas” appeal, a “Color Perfect Home” on average sells for 3% higher.

Real estate home staging is a calculated process that has been proven to earn top dollar for sellers even in the most challenging markets. For more info on other perfect room colors and free home evaluation, contact Abundance Realty today!