Abundance Buyer Certification

At Abundance Realty & Staging Company, we understand in today’s market just how important it is to shine above all other offers and we’re 100% committed to saving you the most money which is why weve developed our proven Abundance Certified Home buyer process.





When you are buying a home, it’s easy to worry your offer won’t get accepted and it will cost more money. With our proven Abundance Certified Homebuyer process, we help our clients save thousands of dollars and give them the confidence and skills to secure the home they desire.


APPLY FOR A LOAN You will fill out an initial loan application with one of our preferred lenders to pre-qualify and determine what you can afford

CREDIT IMPROVEMENTIf your credit score needs help, you will work directly with our credit experts to bring up your numbers higher scores = lower interest rates

ON LINE EDUCATIONYou will learn the homebuying process and what you need to know to get your offer accepted for the best price

SPECIAL LOAN PROGRAMSQualifying borrowers have access to zero or low down payment options. Our preferred lenders will find the best program for you

LOAN RATE SAVINGSAlso, for those who qualify, we offer a buy down of your rate in order to save you thousands of dollars over the life of your loan

CLOSE ON TIME GUARANTEEWith this guarantee, we ensure you will close on time or we will reimburse the home sellers $100 per day until closing. WE STAND BY PRE-APPROVALS*If you do not qualify after preapproval is issued,we will reimburse up to $10,000 in lost earnest money and appraisal costs, for your valuable time and effort *with our preferred lenders

Here’s how simple it is:

 1. Schedule a visit with our team.

2. Meet with an agent to discover how you can save THOUSANDS on your purchase.

3. Let us be your guide for a profitable, smooth, and enjoyable experience.


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