You may have heard the term “Swedish Death Cleaning” and thought to yourself, “I want no part of that”. And if we didn’t know much about it we’d probably share the same thought process as you. But the fact is, the process of Swedish Death Cleaning can be a blessing when preparing your Utah real estate property for the market, especially after dealing with the loss of a loved one.

What is Swedish Death Cleaning? 

Swedish Death Cleaning is a method of decluttering and organizing that was implemented by Margareta Magnusson, a Swedish artist who tragically lost her mother and husband. This method of cleaning was developed to help cope with the grieving process of your deceased loved ones, while still being able to remove items from the home without feeling a heavy emotional burden.

Whether you’ve recently lost someone close to you or just have a Salt Lake City home for sale that needs serious decluttering, these simple steps can help provide more breathing room and deliver new energy into your living space.

Reach Out to Loved Ones

The first step of this process is to reach out to family and friends that are close to you and gently inform them of what you’re doing. Ask them if there are any belongings that they would like to hold on to, and let them know there’s no problem if they decline. It’s all about feeling comfortable and having closure.

Save the Best For Last

It’s no surprise that we have a very hard time parting with things that we share a deep emotional attachment to. To ease the burden, start with items that you aren’t particularly connected to, and then work your way up to those other items you consider to be more important.

Clean Out the Closet

This is probably the one area of the home where many things tend to linger longer than they have to. Once you’ve gotten most of the big items out of the way, it’s time to sort through your closet and see what can stay and what can be donated/gifted. If no one close to you wants to take it, you may be able to sell it, depending on what the item is.

The Final Step

This is the step where people have the most difficulty. It’s at this step that you will have to sort through items like photos, letters, heirlooms, and other items that bring back fond memories of someone you love. Keep in mind that you don’t have to part with everything! Have an open conversation with those closest to you about what should stay, and keep those items tucked safely in a chest or box.

One of the best ways to honor the ones you love is to give those precious heirlooms to someone else that you care deeply about. Knowing that it will be in good hands will provide you with a sense of solace. For more ideas on how you can best prepare your Salt Lake City home for sale, contact Abundance Realty & Staging Company today!