While homes for sale in Utah are commonly up to date with repairs and renovations, some properties enter the market in, shall we say, less than “pristine” condition. Perhaps the drywall is crumbling due to excessive humidity, or shingles on the roof are cracked from a harsh winter season. If this sounds similar to your Utah home, there’s still some hope to get your fixer-upper sold, and quickly. Keep reading to learn how!

See What You Can DIY

If the cost of repairing the damages in your home is too high, take a good look at what you might be able to fix yourself. To be clear, we’re not saying you should re-shingle your roof if you have zero experience or safety equipment to do so. Only attempt to fix the areas of the home where you’re confident that you can do the job perfectly, and in no way puts your health at risk.

Consider a Renovation Loan

If money is tight but you believe fixing up your home can increase your chances of fetching top dollar, programs like the FHA 203(k) loan are designed to provide funds for homeowners in need of renovations. This course of action comes with some drawbacks like interest rates but does not require a big down payment. Be sure to research it thoroughly and decide whether or not it’s right for you.

Real Estate Home Staging

If you’re not willing to take a loan and want to sell your home as-is, real estate home staging is your next best bet to show buyers the potential your property has. Real estate home staging is a technique used by successful agents to minimize clutter throughout the home, and present its best possible image with strategically placed items and furniture. It is a proven tool that has helped sellers get higher offers for their homes.

Be Realistic With Your Evaluation

One challenge sellers commonly face is accurately pricing their home due to their emotional attachment to the property. When establishing the value of your fixer-upper, it’s important to remember that you will have to subtract the cost of repairs from its overall market value. Furthermore, the time and energy a potential buyer will have to spend on renovations also come at a cost,  so you may have to sweeten the pot a little further.

Work With an Agent Who Knows the Market

Recently you may have noticed companies popping up that claim to buy homes for cash. But while this may sound appealing, more often than not, sellers wind up with far less than they would have if they used the services of an experienced realtor.

Many, if not all of these companies use blanket indicators to price the homes they buy. They don’t take into consideration factors like current market trends, possible investor contacts, and so on. A real estate agent will dig deep into their pool of resources to find the perfect buyer for your home at the perfect price.

If you’re the owner of a fixer-upper or have a property in general that you’d like to sell, contact Abundance Realty and Staging Company today for a free home evaluation and guidance on the current market of homes for sale in Utah.