De-cluttering Is Bonding – If You Do It Right

We asked what the two biggest stressers when it came helping  seniors move

#1  De-cluttering

#2  Was how to lovingly guide them to their next best step

We know you care for your loved one, and want to help them in the most positive way possible while keeping your sanity

Remember the journey of a 1,000 miles begins with a single step. The attic or basement usually a good first step since it has the big items: furniture, books, items that take up a lot of space……

It’s not that you can’t start with the small items in that secret box under their bed, but let’s face it – it will take forever to make any progress if you do that.

Not that it’s easy to get rid of the big stuff either!

After all, these items will remind them of  happy childhood days just as they’re nearing death; and, as we learned from Citizen Kane, nothing can be more poignant and heartbreaking than that!

However, remind them of the problems books or toys may cause between  loved ones once they are gone; and should  remind that you won’t be there to mend them?

So, ask for each item: will you ever need this again? Will someone else need it?

Granted, as tricky as it is, the first question may be a bit easier to answer than the latter one.

If you don’t know if something will be useful to a loved ones call them and ask!

While they are alive.

There, now you’ve created a great opportunity for the family to bond!

Because not many of them will know everything about the younger “grandma,” and some of them – like grand children, for example – will probably discover a completely new “person”

Nothing bonds as much as a walk down memory lane.

Here’s your chance to – while you de-clutter!